We think in systems.
It’s the best way for us to work for your success.

Your customers expect perfect results. That’s why you can expect the same from us.

Our four divisions, Brushes, Deburring, Saws and Saw Blades offer professional and efficient systems for your production. Worldwide.

You can count on product by RSA. We not only manufacture sawing centres and deburring machines but also brushes and saw blades. This integral know-how is inside all of our products. After all what good is the best machine if the tool isn’t right? Or vice versa?

As a seasoned system supplier for various sectors we handle the entire process chain: from development to prototyping and production all the way to the ideal tool and worldwide service.

The benefit of this systematic thinking is your – and you can also select from a complete system of modules which mesh seamlessly yet also do their job perfectly by themselves.

The focus is always on your success. After all our products pursue only one goal: to give you the competitive edge.