H 350

H 350

Designed for mitre cuts on both sides of up to 45˚, Ø up to 120 mm

H350 Steel Saw

Strong and compact

The H 350 is a versatile, powerful production saw for tubes, sections and solid bars made of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal designed for mitre cuts on both sides up to 45° for a clamping range up to 185 mm.
Main area of application is the steel and metal construction.
Due to its particularly strong gear box the H 350 is even suitable for the full-time operation.
You are looking for a mitre cut saw for cutting ranges up to 160 mm, then find out about the H 450!

H 450


  • Powerful machine with machine foot
  • Large, stable, even machine table
  • T-slot table allows variable mounting of the clamping vice
  • Clamping range up to 185 mm
  • Cooling system with diaphragm pump, water tank in the foot, extendable base
  • Longest saw blade lifetimes
  • No backlash


Technical Specifications

  • Saw blade Ø: HSS 350 x 40mm
  • Clamping device: Hand-operated clamping vice or pneumatic clamping system with 2 clamping cylinders
  • Additional clamping arm: On request
  • 2nd manual clamping vice: On request
  • Mitre: 45° – 0° – 45°
  • Three-phase current : 1.85 / 2.50 kW
  • Saw blade speed: 44 / 88 r.p.m.
  • Minimum lubrication: On request cutting oil lubrication or spray system
  • Water cooling: As standard
  • Underframe: Machine foot – On request with door

Workpiece data

  • Materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
  • Round tube Ø, 90°: 120mm
  • Solid bar Ø, 90°: 60mm
  • Square tube, 90°: 105x105mm
  • Rectangular tube, 90°: 180x60mm
  • Round tube Ø, 45°: 120mm
  • Solid bar Ø, 45°: 50mm
  • Square tube, 45°: 95x95mm
  • Rectangular tube, 45°: 130x70mm


All steel saws are also available with reduced speeds


Feeding system – Roller conveyors of 1 up to 6 m
Measuring system – Length stops for measuring lengths of 500 up to 6,000 mm