S 225

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 S 225

Designed for mitre cuts 90˚ – 45˚ – 60˚

S225 Steel Saws

Small but strong

The S 225 is a portable, compact saw for small sections, tubes and solid bars made of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal designed for 90° cuts without burr.

The S 225 is used on the bench and for assembly.
Minimum lubrication is without water. One liter of cutting oil is sufficient for approx. 100 operating hours. Workpiece and work place remain clean.


Your time advantages:

  • Portable compact saw
  • Strong clamping vice
  • 1 liter of cutting oil is sufficient for approx. 100 operating hours
  • Workpiece and work place remain clean



Feeding system – Roller conveyors of 1 up to 6 m
Measuring system – Length stops for measuring lengths of 500 up to 6,000 mm


Technical Specifications

Saw blade Ø: HSS 225 x 32 mm
Clamping unit: Manual clamping vice
Additional clamping arm: On request
Mitre: 0° – 45° – 60° with 1˚scaling, saw head movable to one side
Alternating current 230 V: 0.8 kW
Saw blade speed: 56 / 42 r.p.m.
Quick-break switch 230 V: Standard
Three-phase current 400 V: 0.8 / 1.2 kW
Saw blade speed: 56 / 112 r.p.m.
Quick-break switch 400 V: On request
Minimum lubrication: Cutting oil lubrication HS-05 as standard
Underframe: On request


Workpiece data

Materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
Round tube Ø, 90°: 70mm
Solid bar Ø, 90°: 40mm
Square tube, 90°: 65 x 65mm
Rectangular tube, 90°: 100 x 50, 80 x 60mm
Round tube Ø, 45°: 65mm
Solid bar Ø, 45°: 30mm
Square tube, 45°: 60 x 60mm
Rectangular tube, 45°: 75 x 50mm
Round tube Ø, 60°: 45mm
Solid bar Ø, 60°: 20mm
Square tube, 60°: 40 x 40mm
Rectangular tube, 60°: – mm

All steel saws are also available with reduced speeds

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