For aluminium extrusions and other non-ferrous metals

RASAMAT Deburring Solutions

Stand-alone systems for any extrusion shape

The RASAMAT deburring machines are ideal for single pieces and small batches. After just a short training period they are easy to operate, even by low skilled operators.

The RASAMAT 2002 will handle asymmetrical profile shapes or short workpieces. Here the workpiece is fed through an aperture guide which can also be changed over within seconds.

Both versions combine maximum workplace safety with flexibility and ultra short set-up times. Depending on the size of the workpiece deburring takes only one to five seconds per endface. Even with lower daily volumes the RASAMAT will return its investment in less than twelve months.

Specialists in the deburring of difficult workpieces
The RASAMAT system can even be adapted for the deburring of awkward and heavy workpieces.

On a transverse feeding table the workpiece is pneumatically clamped. After the deburring process is started by two-handed release buttons, the table moves the profile along the rotating RASAMAT head. Depending on the cross section, all edges are evenly rounded off in between four to twelve seconds.


Advantages over circular brushes

  • Circular brushes are the industry standard for deburring steel tubes and sections. However, they are entirely unsuited for processing aluminium extruded sections. If the workpiece has inner fins, a round brush will be unable to reach the outside areas, resulting in incomplete deburring. Even hollow sections cannot be deburred with round brushes. They damage delicate coatings, as the brush wires strikes the outside edges.
  • All contours are reached.
  • No surface marking, even on anodised extrusions.


Advantages over plate brushes

  • Conventional plate brushes rarely produce solid deburring and consistent results. This being due to the centrifugal force driving the brush wires outward and also bending during use. The wire tips no longer have contact with the workpiece, producing either little or incomplete deburring.
  • Consistent deburring throughout the entire life of the tool.
  • Longer life and as a result reduced tool costs.


Advantages of different bristle types

  • The type of the brush fill material is selected based on the deburring job. The brush can easily be changed as required, meaning the tool is always adapted precisely to the current workpiece properties and the desired results.
  • Optimal deburring results.
  • Longer life of the tool.
  • Extremely short deburring time.


Advantages of adjustable bristle length

  • The bristle length on the RASAMAT tool is variable.
  • Compensating wear of the wire filaments.
  • Consistent deburring quality throughout the entire life of the brush
  • Adjustable deburring effect



  • Exchangeable guides for asymmetrical workpieces.
  • Support table with adjustable side control stops.
  • Manual clamping transverse feeding device for large workpieces.
  • Swarf drawer.
  • Lockable castors for mobility.


Technical Specifications

Input power 1.5 / 2.4 kW
Speed 1000 + 1500 rpm


Workpiece data

Materials steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals
Cross-sections 20 x 20 to 120 x 120 mm
20 x 20 to 150 x 150 mm
10 x 10 to 180 x 450 mm
Deburring time sections 1 – 5, heavy workpieces 4 to 12 sec.


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