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The system expansion for large batches

TURNAMAT Automat Deburring Solutions

TURNAMAT is the economic solution for deburring tubes, complex section shapes or workpieces which are heavy or have complex burrs Deburring typically only takes three seconds. These solidly engineered robust machines simultaneously deburr inside and outside edges without manually turning the workpieces. With manual workpieces feed this means: shorter set-up times!

In addition to the typical rotation the radial brush also performs a second rotation: the entire drive unit rotates meaning the inner and outer edges are machined evenly.

The TURNAMAT Automat is used for fully automated, simultaneous deburring of both face sides. It can be linked with upstream cutting systems without a problem. To also reliably deburr the side edges on large sections,  the entire brush unit moves back and forth in a third motion on the face side of the profile.


Your time advantages:

  • Simultaneously deburrs inner and outer edges
  • No manually turning the workpiece
  • Fully automated set-up through transfer of workpiece parameters from an upstream saw
  • Brush change in under two minutes


Your quality advantages:

  • High performance brushes ensure consistent results
  • Surface protective workpiece clamping
  • Residue-free deburring even on larger cross-sections


Your cost advantages:

  • Integrated swarf drawer
  • Integrated blower station for die cutting waste residue
  • No sensory linking required between deburring system and robot
  • High ROI – less than 12 months



Technical Specifications – Standard TURNAMAT Automat

Input power 8.0 / 10.0 kW
Speed 1500 + 3000 rpm


Workpiece data – Standard TURNAMAT Automat

Materials steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals
Cross-sections 10 x 10 to 70 x 450 mm
Fixed length 100 to 1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 / 4,000 / 5,000 / 6.000 mm


Cycle time: 1 to 12 seconds, variable

Other dimensions upon request.


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