H 25

Cutting saw for small diameters up to 80 mm

H25 Steel Saw

Fast and straight

The H 25 is a small production saw for conduits and sections made of steel and stainless steel designed for diameters up to 80 mm.
Its compact design and the clamping jaws mounted on both sides ensure fast and accurate cuts without burr. The profiled jaws guarantee precise and clean cuts.


  • Fast and accurate cuts
  • Compact design
  • Clamping jaws on both sides for cuts without burr
  • Profiled jaws for a clean and precise cut
  • Machine table with material chute


Technical Specifications

  • Saw blade Ø: HSS 250 x 40mm
  • Clamping device: Clamping vice with steady, hand-operated or air-operated
  • Three-phase current 400 V: 0.8 / 1.2 kW
  • Saw blade speed: 50 / 100 r.p.m.
  • Minimum lubrication: On request with cutting oil lubrication or spray system
  • Water cooling: As standard
  • Underframe: As standard

Workpiece data

  • Materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
  • Round tube Ø: 80mm
  • Solid bar Ø: 40mm
  • Square tube: 160x60mm
  • Rectangular tube: 110x50mm

All steel saws are also available with reduced speeds


Feeding system – Roller conveyors of 1 up to 6 m
Measuring system – Length stops for measuring lengths of 500 up to 6,000 mm