Highest quality ensures the best results

Our brands RASABLADE for saw blades and RASABAND for band saw blades stand for extremely long working life and utmost cutting precision. Well-contrived manufacturing processes ensure a consistently high quality and reproducible cutting results. Standard dimensions are available from stock, purpose-built versions within a few days.

Research and development

We constantly research new primary products, coatings and tooth geometries with the aim to place at your disposal an optimum cutting tool.

  • Basic research
  • Development of new types of saw blades / band saw blades
  • Customised tool development


Application advice on-site at your premises

We determine for each task the optimal parameters for your saw blades, band saw blades and sawing machines – for all brands. Your benefit is optimum performance with maximum output.

  • The right tool
  • The best coating
  • The optimum number of teeth and shape
  • The precise number of revolutions, forward feed speed, and so on


Manufacture and re-sharpening

Experienced experts, high-tech machinery and intensive quality control ensure that your saw blades and band saw blades are always impeccable. Our saw blade re-sharpening service gives you the certainty to supply a quality which is reproducible at any time.

  • Optimum geometry
  • Coating and sensitive dressing
  • Working life nearly as long as for new blades due to re-sharpening


Tool availability

Sawing tools shall not only have a maximum working life and output. They must also be constantly available. We take care of it! Just as you need it.

  • Delivery from stock
  • Disposition / framework agreement
  • Fast delivery service
  • Taking care of your inventory