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Efficient deburring for small batches

Tube Deburring Machine RASA DUO Deburring Solutions

The RASA DUO tube deburring machine increases the RASA MONO’s versatility. It’s two processing stations make it the right equipment wherever deburring jobs are constantly changing. For example, combining an abrasive wheel on the first drive station to grind off waste or an oxide layer and a high performance brush for deburring on the second centre means the workpiece can be processed all on the one machine and in the minimum time.

RASA DUO guarantees reliable deburring of endfaces of tube, hollow sections, solid bar ends as well as sheet metal in steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Special requirements for the stainless steel fabricator includes a deburring brush to leave the edges nearly square for the TIG welder where no gaps are wanted to brushes for the aluminum industry for mill finish extrusion to anodised sections where no surface marks are wanted.

Guaranteed evenly deburred workpieces for the entire life of the deburring tool. The clearance between the high performance brush and workpieces rest is adjustable to compensate for brush wear.

RASA DUO tube deburring machine is suitable for tube, pipes and sections with diameters of up to 90 mm and lengths of 100 mm upwards. There is an optional KRV short tube deburring attachment for workpieces shorter than 100 mm. Templates for round tubes, square tubes and other shaped sections can quickly be changed. Changing brushes takes less than a minute.

The deburring process doesn’t depend on the workpiece shape: manually turning the workpiece by 360° will simultaneously deburr the inner and outer edges of hollow sections without producing secondary burrs or removing material.


Your time advantages:

  • Simultaneously deburrs inner and outer edges
  • Shorter set-up times
  • Two cycles with one machine


Your quality advantages:

  • No chipped paint, chrome or powder coating on workpiece ends due to burrs
  • Consistently high deburring quality regardless of operator skills
  • High performance brushes ensure consistent results


Your cost advantages:

  • Flexibility for deburring steel and stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
  • Quick return on investment costs
  • Extremely short set-up times
  • Time saving



Technical Specifications

Input power 2.6 / 3.2 kW
Speed 1500 + 3000 rpm


Workpiece data

Materials steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals
Diameter up to 90 mm
Lengths 100 mm and up (optionally 35 mm and up)


Workpiece shapes: round tubes, shaped sections, solid material, (optionally sheets)


  • Equipment for the deburring of short workpieces: Deburring device for workpiece lengths < 100 mm
  • Equipment for the deburring of straight sheet edges: Deburring device for sheet metal
  • Integrated dust collection
  • Lockable castors for mobility