The Saw for Large Diameters


The sawing centre RASACUT XXL was developed espeically for dividing tubes and solid materials up to 170 mm. With that you achieve a reduction in sawing time by up to 90% compared to modern bandsaws along with improved quality of cut surface in terms of both angle and surface roughness.

The single-cut saw guarantees high output with optimal part and cut surface quality as well as precisely weighted cuts with 100 percent control optional.

RASACUT XXL is optimally suited for use in the automotive, forging and steel trade industries.


Your time advantages:

  • Cutting time reduced by up to 90% compared to bandsaws.
  • Very short set-up times
  • Rapid material feed via gripper feed
  • Automatic Ø-setting in magazine and in gripper feed
  • Automatic reloading of new bar while the previous bar is being machined


Your quality advantages:

  • High nominal torque of up to 1,500 Nm for extreme sawing tasks, nearly constant at all cutting speeds
  • Optimal cut squareness
  • Low surface roughness on cut surface
  • Suitable for carbide and HSS blades


Your cost advantages:

  • Drastic cut cost reduction thanks to high output
  • Easy operation
  • Extremely low-wear on drive even at high loads
  • Cut clearance widened after separation to protect carbide-dipped saw blades


Nothing’s more convincing than first-hand experience. We will gladly allow you to test whether our deburring systems are suitable for your parts – free of charge and non-binding. Not only here on site in Lüdenscheid but also at your factory site.

That’s precisely why we developed our mobile demonstration service, which will come to you. On board you will find brushes and deburring machines, which you can then test on your parts.

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    Technical Specifications

    [Cutting Speed: continuous] 30 to 200 m/min.
    Saw Motor: 20 kW
    Saw Blade Diameter: 360/400/425/460/500/560 mm
    Work Piece Positioning: Gripper feed
    Bar section: > 40 mm
    Remnant: > 130 mm


    Workpiece data

    Work materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals
    Solid material: Ø 20 to 170 mm
    Round tube: Ø 20 to 170 mm
    Square tube: starting at ab 45 x 45 mm
    Rectangular tube: up to 100 x 150 mm
    Input lengths 6,000 to 16,000 mm
    Fixed lengths: 10 to 1,000/2,500 mm
    [Other dimensions on request.]