The High Performance Multi-Cut Saw for Small Diameters


If you need very high output, then select our triple-cut saw RASACUT MXS. The sawing centre is designed for a tube diameter of 8 mm to 20 mm in triple and 6 mm to 45 mm in single-cut. These dimensions are often found in automobile construction–with special requirements on precision, surface quality and purity. Areas of application include fuel and brake lines or visible elements in the interior such as head rest supports.

Both the infeed of workpieces as well as transfer to subsequent pocesses are done using NC-axes that operate with a speed of up to 5m/s. Safe handling of work pieces before, during and after the cutting process guarantees tight tolerances and gentle handling of surfaces so that subsequent chrome plating goes smoothly. Important for automotive suppliers: The work pieces are indvidually processed and measured after cutting. This guarantees real 100%-control, conforming with the guidelines and standards of the OEMs.

Do you need a single cut saw for small diameters? Then learn about the RASACUT XS! 


Your time advantages:

  • Through the use of two feeding grippers, auxiliary process times for bar switching are reduced to zero.
  • Minimal set-up times
  • Saw blade replacement in under 1 minute
  • Central tensioning on work peices makes it possible to use saw blades with small diameters and high RPMs, which increases precision and drastically reduces tool costs.
  • Variable cut speed up to 450 m/min


Your quality advantages:

  • High precision and cut quality thanks to high precision positioning
  • Excellent protection of the surface thanks to coated tools
  • Saw bow feed and work piece travel using servo motors
  • HSS, solid carbide or carbide-dipped saw blades available
  • Integration with subsequent processes through a handling system that is gentle on work pieces


Your cost advantages:

  • Drastic reduction of cut costs through high output and saw blade durability as well as low saw blade costs
  • Unlike bundle saws, separating the tubes from the crane load and feeding to the saws is fully automatic in the RASCUT MXS


Nothing’s more convincing than first-hand experience. We will gladly allow you to test whether our deburring systems are suitable for your parts – free of charge and non-binding. Not only here on site in Lüdenscheid but also at your factory site.

That’s precisely why we developed our mobile demonstration service, which will come to you. On board you will find brushes and deburring machines, which you can then test on your parts.

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    Technical Specifications

    [Cutting Speed: continuous] 30 to 450 m/min.
    Saw Blade Diameter: 175/200 mm
    Saw Motor: starting at 4.7 kW
    Work Piece Positioning: Gripper feed
    First cut: min. 15 mm
    Remnant: min. 50 mm


    Workpiece data

    Work materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals
    Round tube, single cut: 6 to 45 mm
    Round tube, triple cut: 8 to 20 mm
    Wall thickness: 1 to 3 mm
    Output lengths 6,000 mm
    Fixed lengths: 20 to 1,000/1,500//2,000 mm
    Other dimensions on request