The Specialist for Thin-Walled tubes

Thin-walled tubes are very critical in the manufacture of fixed lengths. If an unfavourable ratio of diameter to wall thickness is thrown into the mix, a high reject rate is practically guaranteed.
For that reason users tend to use laser cutting plants when clean, deformation-free cuts are needed for thin-walled tubes. Admittedly that demands a high investment– but it doesn’t need to. Because the RASACUT TC presents a cost effective alternative to laser cutting providing the same quality. This means: Cost savings from the start, without having to compromise on quality.

RASACUT TC is a high performance single cut saw for thin-walled tubes starting at 0.4 mm wall thickness, especially for sensitive work pieces, such as you find in the automotive, medical technology and aerospace industries or in production of heat exchanges.

To keep from denting the tube when the saw blade makes contact, the saw uses low forward force at this tricky point. So that this does not detract from total output, the tube is then separated at high speed. When the saw blade then exits, the forward force is slowed again so that burr formation is reduced so much along the edge that the burr can be safely removed with high performance brushes.
The precisely calibrated forward force is realised using a servo axis. The speeds are calculated independently by the control based on the work piece parameters.

Work piece clamping is especially important. Here it is possible to securely clamp even fixed lengths with an unfavourable diameter-to-wall-thickness ratio without deforming the work piece.


High Output for Sensitive Work Pieces

Your time advantages:

  • Length changes in less than 1 minute.
  • Quick format change in fewer than 5 min.
  • Easily accessible saw blade. Replaces in less than 1 min.
  • Completely automated positioning of the stops and the saw blade.
  • Database referenced to work pieces for optimal deburring performance, no programming.


Your quality advantages:

  • Better cut quality through variable advance on starting and ending the tube cut.
  • Aircooler provides even cooling using compressed air: Higher blade lifetime, better cut quality, clean work pieces
  • Length stop mechanically self-stopping and with additional electrical clamping, high repeat precision
  • Exact, fast tension that is gentle on the surface thanks to power and travel presetting
    Saw drives that are are extremely durable, long-lived and precise, nearly free of play


Your cost advantages:

  • Suitable for three shift operation, soft work materials and solid material
  • Minimal quantity lubrication provides for optimal lubrication, low operating and disposal costs


Nothing’s more convincing than first-hand experience. We will gladly allow you to test whether our deburring systems are suitable for your parts – free of charge and non-binding. Not only here on site in Lüdenscheid but also at your factory site.

That’s precisely why we developed our mobile demonstration service, which will come to you. On board you will find brushes and deburring machines, which you can then test on your parts.

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    Technical Specifications

    [Cutting Speed: continuous] 30 to 250 m/min.
    Saw Blade Diameter: 275/315 mm
    Saw Motor: 7.5 kW
    Work Piece Positioning: 1 length stop movable using electric motor (2 stops optional)
    Bar section: 0 or > 20 mm
    Remnant: > 35 mm


    Workpiece data

    Work materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals
    Round tube: Ø 8 to 60 mm
    Wall thickness: 0.4 to 2 mm
    Fixed lengths: 30 to 1,000/2,000 mm
    Other dimensions on request